Christmas Cakes

by katie

My Grandmother every year makes a gelatin fruit cake. You know the kind that has the canned fruit cocktail in them. I used to love the cherries in them when I was little.

Fruitcakes were Grandma's tradition and as a child I loved it! I would poke my spoon at the green mold and grab the can of whip cream! Ready to pile on generous amounts of the wiggly sustenance. She would pile a heap into the bowl and I would gobble it down.

Needless to say 20 something years later and still I enjoy this fruity treat every year! Although I may not eat a bowl full anymore. I still have at least two spoonfuls! And for the first time my daughter will be able to enjoy it this year now that she has teeth!

I hope she loves it just as much as I did!! I will have to carry on her tradition and continue to make this fruity delight!

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