Christmas Cakes

Christmas Cakes that you can bake to create holiday cheer.


If the only thing that comes to mind during the holidays is fruitcakes, think again. There are so many delicious non-fruitcake desserts that are easy to bake and that will make the holiday season especially festive.

One traditional Christmastime treat that is a joy to bake is spicy, intensely Sweet Gingerbread. Bake your gingerbread (use a recipe for gingerbread cake, not cookies) in a square cake pan and frost with either lightly sweetened whipped cream or cream cheese frosting.

Another fun seasonal entry is the Yule Log. You may use any flavor of sponge cake (chocolate is a particular favorite). Frost with any filling, and roll up. Then decorate with frosting so that the cake resembles a “log,” complete with frosted “tree rings” on the sides.

A fun and non-traditional confection, which is particularly enjoyable to make with the kids, is a Tree that can be constructed using butter, gingerbread, or sugar cookies of varying sizes. Bake up some five or six-pointed star cookies and pipe around the edges with royal icing. While they are still warm, sprinkle with green sugar. Then, assemble a “tree” beginning with larger cookies on the bottom and tapering to smaller cookies on the top. Use more royal icing to glue together the cookies.

Finally, we should mention that you can bake up just about anything using the seasonal cake molds that you may already have in your home. Star-shaped cakes fit well in the holiday theme. A bundt cake can be decorated to resemble a wreath. Round pans can be used to make "snowmen" and so on.

Let your imagination be your guide! All types of recipes can become Christmas cake recipes!




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