Christening Cake

by Amanda
(Baltimore, MD, USA)

Christening Cake

Christening Cake

This was a quite simple cake to make but was so appreciated by the parents (my cousins). I simply bought a cross shape cake pan at the local store (did not even take much looking to find one). Since this was for a christening (actually a double christening) I went with traditional white icing. Once the cake had properly cooled I put about two layers of icing all over including the sides and made sure it was absolutely as smooth as possible with a cake knife.

To decorate, I simply free handed little stars all around the edges for a "pearl beaded look" I just used the regular star tip for this. I did find that some of them came out a bit too pointy, so I just flattened them out with a finger.

Don't be afraid to experiment, at first I wasn't sure if I wanted to bead both the inner and outer edge, so I gave it a go! Afterall, it's just icing and it can be smoothed down if you don't like it. After trying on one side I decided I loved it and kept it.

For the writing I used one of the prepackaged gels and just free handed the words.

Editor's note:

Amanda, that is a beautiful cake and I am sure it helped to make the Christening day even more special.

Thanks for sharing!

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