Choo Choo Train Cake Pan

"Create birthday memories that will last a lifetime!"


Been trying to find a choo choo train cake pan for your little one's birthday?

The best place to check first is eBay. 

At different times we have seen some old pans in this shape made by Wilton.  Sometimes they have a 3-D standing choo choo made back in the 1970s by Wilton.  If you need icing instructions they are usually available on Wilton's website.

When you make a special cake like this:

  • Your child will remember it forever (or if he is too young, it will be immortalized in your family photos).
  • You can get this specialty pan with a few simple mouse clicks from eBay.
  • You can even resell it on eBay to somebody else since you will probably only use it once.     

If this will be your first time using eBay, registration is free and bidding can also be done for free.

Find one you like and make a (lowball) bid on it right now.  You might get it cheap. 

Smart Shopping Tip: Use the eBay form above to find any item you want and see what kind of bargains you can get.

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