Chocolate Pudding Cake


A simple name can mean more than one thing, and Chocolate Pudding Cake is an excellent example. It may mean an ordinary layer cake that has a box of chocolate pudding added to it, or a ready to use mix that contains pudding mix, but can also be an icebox cake, pudding added to a regular layer cake, or a big favorite, the cake that bakes with a layer of cake floating on a layer of hot fudge sauce that creates itself almost magically. 

Pudding Cake

This “new” cake recipe seemed to be all the rage back in the late 50’s or early 60’s. This cake is very convenient because it doesn’t need a frosting and can be made from pantry staples. It doesn’t need butter or eggs so it is economical and has little or no cholesterol, saturated fat or trans fats. While some recipes call for chocolate chips or nuts, it still makes a fine dessert if these are omitted. 

The method of preparation is simple. 

  • A chocolate cake batter is made in a single bowl, with no complicated techniques or even the need for a mixer. 
  • This is spread in a greased pan and on top a mixture of cocoa powder and brown sugar is spread without mixing it in. 
  • Boiling water is poured carefully over the top and during baking, the sauce forms under the cake. (The sugar in the cake batter can be replaced with half Splenda or more to reduce the carbs and sugar, but stick with real brown sugar for the topping.) 

Here's a chocolate pudding cake recipe for a version of this cake with a hot fudge layer using 10 ingredients and baked at 350F for 45 minutes.

 Other cakes also called “pudding cake” include this one, using only three ingredients, which bakes about 25-30 min @350F. It’s a cake with prepared pudding simply poured on a cooked cake poked with holes, and then chilled. 

There is even a no-bake option called chocolate pudding cake. Only four ingredients are used, including a purchased angel food cake torn in pieces, whipped topping mixed with prepared pudding, and a grated milk chocolate bar. 

For a knockout dessert that is very easy and memorable, I suggest making the “real thing” with that rich sauce. It’s especially nice with a scoop of your favorite ice cream.


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