Chocolate Marble Wedding Cake

by Toni Negas
(Hallandale, FL)

Chocolate Marble Wedding Cake

Chocolate Marble Wedding Cake

I first saw a similar cake on the cover of a magazine, and insisted I have this for my wedding. I found a local bakery that could recreate it.

The cake was a marble of vanilla and chocolate cake on the inside with a chocolate buttercream filling. The ouside was fondant wrapped with marbled white and dark chocolate. This proved to be not only beautiful, but it made the taste of the cake that much better! If you have ever tasted fondant, you will know what I mean. Fondant is pretty to look at, but doesn't taste that great. This chocolate wrapping masked the flavor nicely.

The cake was created to serve all 150 guests. We had plenty of cake and were able to save the top tier to eat on our 1 year anniversary.

And I might add - because of the chocolate exterior - the cake tasted fresh even a year later right out of the freezer! Delicious!

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