Chocolate Lava Cake


The Chocolate Lava Cakes is a unique baked good that has a cake-like exterior with a semi-liquid, icing-like interior. When they are warmed up, the interior becomes liquid and seems to "explode" from the cake when cut into with a fork. The center actually melts in your mouth, taking the popular saying one step further! 

This popular confection is similar in ingredients to "pudding cakes" or "hot fudge" cakes that make their own "sauce" when baked.  Because things are so liquid, it is best to serve this delightful dessert in ramekins.  

Most use a single batter, and separate into "layers" when baked, giving rise to the "lava" center. 

Some recipes instead direct the baker to make small chocolate balls (like truffles) and then insert them into small pre-baked chocolate cakes.  This chocolate lava cake recipe has a baking time of 15 minutes and has 11 ingredients. 

This recipe bakes for 14 minutes and has 9 ingredients.

This gourmet chef says that the flavor is so intense that he serves his with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and cherry sauce to balance things out.

Here's a video that shows how to cook one. 




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