Cheap Wedding Cake Ideas


Looking for some cheap wedding cake ideas to help reduce the cost of your wedding?

Here are some budget-friendly ideas you might want to consider. 

Wedding Cupcakes

Yep, cupcakes!

This option has gained popularity in recent years. You can get gorgeous, decorated cupcakes and arrange them in a format looks like a traditional wedding cake. You'd be surprised at how good this can look. 

Traditional Wedding Cake

If you're going to stick with a traditional wedding cake, there are lots of decorations you can use without running up a big tab. 

Start off by ordering a plain white wedding cake. 

Then, buy some fresh flowers to harmonize with your wedding colors or use fresh fruit (berries can be perfect, especially if they match your colors).

Doing this can be both cost-effective and fun, especially if you enjoy decorating. (You can even practice by ordering a smaller version and decorating it well before your wedding).  

How About Using A Culinary College?

If there is a culinary college nearby, you can use it to your full advantage! Ask if they have any students that could make a wedding cake for you as a project or as something they can use for extra credit. 

Many of these students, especially the advanced ones, are quite talented (and passionate about what they do).  It would give them something to put on their resume and give you a quality wedding cake for next to nothing! 

A Supermarket Wedding Cake

Finally, don't overlook a getting a wedding cake from a supermarket.  There are lots of pictures and stories on this site from brides who have been happy with wedding cakes from a supermarket.  They are usually inexpensive, but still quite beautiful and tasty.  

Lots of brides have been delighted with wedding cakes from a supermarket called Publix.  If there is one near you be sure to check it out.  

Hopefully, these cheap wedding cake ideas will help you out. 

The bottom line is that you should make sure that you get a wedding cake you are proud of and are happy to show off. Don't settle on something that may be disappointing just to save money.  Your wedding only comes once (we hope), so make the very most out of it!

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