Celtic Knotwork Bride and Groom Cakes

by April D. Porter

My wedding cake was a 4 tier cake with Celtic knotwork decoration. The cake was white chocolate on the bottom, lemon on the next, Mexican vanilla on the next up, and chocolate fudge on the top keepsake layer. I used my own Pocket Dragon figurines to decorate it. The groom's cake was chocolate fudge with a Celtic cross on the top.

I chose these cakes to go with my Celtic Renaissance wedding theme. They were made by Renaissance Productions - http://www.renaissancepro.com/ . They list it as being $2.75 a serving, though I don't recall exactly how many servings were in the cake.

Pictures of my cakes can be found on my reception page - http://www.apryl-knight.com/reception.html . More information on Renaissance Productions can be found here - http://www.apryl-knight.com/castle_celtic_cakes.html .

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