Castle Cake

by Angel
(Grand Rapids, MN)

For my daughter's 3rd Birthday, she got to pick the theme. She of course decided she wanted a pink princess party. I decided to make a pink castle cake. It consisted of a square/rectangle cake, 2 6" circle cakes and 5 cupcakes and 5 small pointed ice cream cones. I just used my favorite box of cake mix and white frosting.

For assembly, take 1 circle cake and put on top of square cake, and lightly frost top of circle cake. Then put next circle cake on top of that. Frost the cakes with your favorite color that you make from the white frosting. Turn ice cream cones upside down on cupcakes.

Pipe frosting around the edge of the cupcake and ice cream cone. Place 1 cupcake/ice cream cone on each corner of the square/rectangular cake, and the 5th one in the center of the top circle cake. Use gumdrops to accessorize around the perimeter of the square and circle cakes.

My daughter and family loved it!

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