Castle Cake


A Castle Cake can be great fun. There are special pans available to make it, but you can create castle cakes using cans and jars from a well stocked kitchen.

Castle Cake

A cake in this shape is a terrific way to make your young knight or princess' dreams come true. Kids between 7 and 12 will be delighted to have their own castle to celebrate their special day. With the popularity of Harry Potter, Magic card games, and Lord of the Rings you may find that even older kids will be asking for one of these delights. 

The challenge lies in the trademark turrets and towers. They are cylinders and would be difficult to make, even with clever slicing, from a pan cake. The castle walls can easily be made from a flat cake cut in sections, tilted on edge, and fastened to the corner towers with some frosting. 

The secret is to make a series of cakes in a jar and slide them out when they are done. The jars are common canning jars. They can take the heat and are readily available in stores if you don't have some on hand. 

The vanilla recipe is made from a mix and takes two ingredients and baking time is the same.

Here Are Some Castle Cake Ideas

Once you have a supply of cylindrical cakes made you are well on your way to castle building. 

Simply, slice off one end of the jar cake to even out the end. Stand it on a cookie sheet or cutting board wrapped in foil (for presentation). Join a slide of flat cake to the cylinder will some frosting, and repeat until you have formed a castle with a jar cake at each corner. 

If your jar cakes are too short, either trim the walls to match the height of the jar cake or stack one jar cake on top of another and use frosting to join them. Remember to trim them flat so they join properly. 

Frost in realistic chocolate browns or in fantasy strawberry flavors. Add candies, cookies as accents for windows. 

Use two 8 inch pieces of yarn for chains leading from the castle to the open the horizontal draw bridge. 

Create the impression of large stones by applying thin contrasting color frosting for mortar on the castle walls. 

Use toothpicks and Post It notes folded over the length of the tooth pick for flags. You may trim the Notes with scissors to make them triangular in shape. 

Add small toy horses and other figures from toy sets (after they have been washed). 

If the top of your cylinders look a little ragged or you want more of a finished look. You can cut out dark colored construction paper in a circle larger than the diameter of the tower. Then cut straight from the outer edge to the center of the circle. Overlap and form a cone. Tape the pieces together to hold its shape. 

Set on top of the cylinders. 

Have fun! 



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