Castle Cake Ideas

"Create lifelong memories for your
daughter with these castle cake ideas!"


For a little girl who loves dress-up and anything princess such as my own 3 year old, there is no better birthday cake than a castle cake. 

Here are a few ideas: 

Draw a Castle on the Frosting

First, and most simply, you could bake a sheet cake with a castle drawn on it in frosting and enhanced with sprinkles and really great tiny candies to make it very special. 

3-D Castle Cake

Another castle cake idea would be to go all out and make a 3-D castle shaped cake. This would be so much fun to create and decorate. 

You could start with 2 or 3 round layer cakes stacked on top of each other maybe with a fruit puree filling between the layers. 

You could make towers around the round layers using cupcakes baked in flat bottomed ice cream cones. You could then frost them into a point and plant a flag or something like that in each top, maybe 4 around the round base. 

Use lots of shades of pinks and purples for the frosting colors. 

Depending on your artistic ability, you can decorate the entire cake to look like a stone or brick style building, painting on windows here and there. 

Maybe there is a princess peering through one of the windows, a cat looking out another? 

Cupcakes in the Shape of a Castle

A third, party friendly idea would be to make a bunch of cupcakes, some in standard paper cups and others baked in flat bottom ice cream cones. Frost them and place them in the shape of a castle. 

After they are all in place, you will spread more frosting to make them look like one big piece and then decorate with assorted candies to finish the look. 

In all three ideas, you can use chocolate “rocks” (chocolate with candy coatings colored to resemble rocks sold in craft and candy stores) to cover the cake plate around the base of the cake. 

You will find so many decoration items in any candy store to really make the castle cake special. Just imagine the fun you will have thinking of the many creative uses for all those great little candies you’ll find. 

She Will Remember Forever 

Imagine the joy on your daughter's face when you present her with the fabulous (and tasty) piece of art. 

A cake like this builds memories to be held onto forever by both you and your daughter 



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