Castle Cake For 19th Birthday

by Rebeccca
(Monroe, LA)

Castle Cake For 19th Birthday

Castle Cake For 19th Birthday

I told my boyfriend that he could have any type of cake he wanted this year for his 19th birthday and I'd try to make it. He loves to make siege engines, and wanted a castle cake to have something to fling candy at from the miniature catapults he was going to build.

I made the cake (to his specifications) out of red velvet cake and cream cheese icing. The only part I had trouble with was the front - the turrets weren't all one piece, and needed more support. As a result, the whole front facade of the castle fell over at one point. I would recommend getting columns for a wedding cake to hold up the front archway.

To make the walls, I just cut the cake into strips and stacked them on top of each other, then inserted craft dowels to hold them upright. I believe I had to make 4 cake mixes to get enough cake to make this, but it was worth it and he loved it!

Editor's Note: Thanks, Rebeccca. That's an awesome cake. Very creative. Visitors to the site are going to love it!

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