Cars Lightning McQueen Cake

by Barb

Cars Lightning McQueen Cake

Cars Lightning McQueen Cake

My five year old brother in law loves the movie Cars. Matter of fact, he had his 4th birthday party as a Cars theme too I think. His two favorite characters were Lightning McQueen and Mac.

One of the problems we were running into is Lightning McQueen is red. For anyone who has used red food coloring you know you have one to two problems: It's too light or it doesn't taste very good. So we decided to use the blue/teal Lightning McQueen instead.

I used the cake pan available at party stores; however, I used one of his toy cars to design it. I followed the lines, I just used my own colors. I put it on a large cake board and then put his toy Mac above it. I secured him with icing under his wheels. Then I wrote the message on the cake board since there wasn't any room to put this on the cake itself.

The cake was a hit with everyone, including the birthday boy.

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