Cape Cod Wedding

Cape Cod Wedding Cake

Cape Cod Wedding Cake

Our wedding was held on Cape Cod, MA. After all of the weddings we have been to over the years there were two key elements we wanted to focus in on, food and beverages. We had an open bar the whole wedding and served steak and/or lobster as the main course. The steaks and lobsters were cooked on site as we were about to start eating so the smell was amazing.

The bride wore a traditional wedding gown, although a simple design, nothing too elaborate. The groom wore a linen suit, boat shoes and no tie.

We created a website for the wedding, giving people directions, letting them know what the entertainment was, displayed the menu and demanding that no one should be wearing a tie. The website pounded it into people's heads that this was a casual wedding and people should just have fun.

To go along with our casual wedding in Cape Cod we opted for a simpler, home made cake. We considered store bought cakes but all of the wedding cakes we found were too formal looking. The miniature adirondak chairs were purchased on ebay for a few dollars, and the old cape style fence and flip flops were bought for a few dollars at Michaels craft store.

The cake was chocolate with a cream frosting. The cake stood about 1 1/2 feet high and was about 18in. wide at the base. It served about 60 people.

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