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Frankenstein Cake For Halloween

My wife saw this Frankenstein cake in a magazine. Since we thought it would be perfect for Halloween, we decided to make it. It was made from 2 pound

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Pound Cake For Halloween

This is a pound cake that my wife made for dessert tonight. We decided to put a drizzle on it. Then she came up with the idea to do a black and orange

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10000 Sprinkles Cake

This cake was made using a box of Duncan Hines Spring Velvets cake. The bottom layer was pink and the top layer was pink. We iced it with white cream

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Red Velvet Layer Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting And Berries

My husband and I made this variation of a red velvet cake for our church fellowship lunch. We have recipes to make this from scratch, but due to time

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Wilton Center Surprise Cake Pan Set

These are the pans we used to make a cake with Easter eggs on the inside. We bought the pans from Wal-Mart for about $12. You can use them to make any

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Center Surprise Easter Egg Cake

We made this cake with store-bought yellow cake mix and used a specialty Wilton Center Surprise Cake Pan Set. The icing was cream cheese and the eggs

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Burlap and Lace Wedding Cake

I made this wedding cake for a friend. It was a classic vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. I used a 7 inch pan for the top tier, 9 inch pan for the

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5th Birthday Carnival Cake

My daughter was turning 5 years old and the party was carnival themed. I wanted a very colorful, whimsical cake and the local bakeries wanted to charger

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Easter Flower Cake

This cake was made by my son and his wife. They used Duncan Hines Spring Velvets cake mix. The layers are pink and yellow. It was covered with cream cheese

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Cactus Cake!

So my Grandma Linda, Uncle Bill and Aunt Joanie went out to supper one night (and being the gentleman that he is, Uncle Bill let the ladies walk in the

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Candy Cake

We saw this cake at Paul's Pastry in Picayune, Mississippi last week and decided to make it at home. They called it a candy cake and here's how you make

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Halloween Knife Cupcakes

We got some little sugar knives in a Wilton Icing Decorations kit from Wal-Mart. We made cupcakes with Betty Crocker Butter Recipe Yellow Super Moist cake

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Pumpkin Cake Unfrosted

We bought a Halloween pumpkin cake pan from Wal-Mart and baked a yellow cake using a store-bought cake mix. The picture shows the cake before it was iced.

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Red Ladybug Cake

This cute red ladybug cake was made using a recipe from Taste of Home Magazine. It called for a chocolate boxed cake mix that was baked in a bowl insted

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Funny 40th Birthday Cake

This funny 40th birthday cake was made for my son by Paul's Pastry Shop in Picayune , MS. It was made in the shape of a toilet with the words After 40

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Ballerina Barbie Cake

My daughter was turning 4 and her favorite book is called Tip Toe Ballerina so naturally that's what she wanted in a cake. My friend and I had a hard time

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Flying Bat Cake

This flying bat cake was made by my wife. It would be a great addition to your Halloween party or you could even make it as a birthday cake for your favorite

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60th Birthday Cake With Cream Cheese Icing

This was a birthday cake that was made by Marguerite's Cakes in Slidell, Louisiana for my wife's 60th birthday. Her daughter ordered it and picked it

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Easy Frog Cake

My wife and I made this frog cake from a recipe she found. It called for homemade icing, which came out too moist and was difficult to work with. It

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Treasure Chest Cake For My Son's 3rd Birthday

I wanted to try using a chocolate icing fondant and found a perfect use for it for my little boy's 3rd birthday cake. A treasure chest cake! This cake

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