Cake With Fruit Baked Right In

by Schelley
(Michigan, USA)

I work in a high school, and right around Christmas time, we get gifts from just about everyone, whether you want a gift or not.

One of the students, who has a friendship with one of my co-workers, brought in gifts for all of us, and my gift happened to be a fruitcake. I was nice and said thank you to him, I don't think he's old enough and has heard any of the fruitcake madness stuff I had heard.

I despise fruitcake, have always made fun of fruitcake, and just happen to love the television show "The Pretender," so I recognized a perfect opportunity.

One of my friends came into my office, and during our conversation, I asked her if she ever watched "the Pretender." She had, and so I (first after checking to be sure the student wasn't around, I didn't want to embarrass him) grabbed the fruitcake, and said "Look, a cake with fruit baked right in. Thank you, this must be delicious!"

We both had a good laugh, and the fruitcake eventually disappeared, to wherever fruitcakes go when they aren't wanted.

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