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Article: So What About Cake Stands?

One of my most prized possessions is an antique one, a wedding present from a friend so close we consider each other family. It’s a simple platform on a fluted base, with a scalloped edge that fits the daisy pattern in the pressed glass. As an heirloom and a keepsake, it’s wonderful, but not terribly practical.

For home use, one with a dome makes more sense. There are many choices and it’s good to review some of the options.

You have choices in design, materials, colors, reusability and of course price. Make your decision based on your budget and the cake intended to display. If you make a gorgeous cake, you want a stand that shows it off, but doesn’t upstage it.

Simple domed glass versions, suitable for everyday layer or Bundt or tube cakes, can be found in most kitchen departments in department and discount stores for $10 or even less on sale, although you can find much fancier and pricier ones. Their only drawbacks are shape and breakability.

Another type often seen in home use is the silver cake stand, and these are also often heirlooms passed down through families. But you will also see these used as an elegant perch for wedding cakes. Silver plate is really pretty affordable, with new smaller stands starting as low as $25-$30, but larger and fancier silver plate can range into several hundred dollars, and sterling well into the thousands.

Acrylic cake stands come in literally hundreds of configurations and sizes and are often used for formal displays in weddings. Perhaps most weddings now use acrylic since it is sturdy and stable and blends into almost any theme or colors. Usually clear, it can be found in some transparent colors as well. Sets of multi-tiered acrylic stands for wedding and fancy cakes can cost $100 to $200, but of course are reusable.

An option for a one-time use is the single use stand made of polypropylene instead, since these can start as low as $15. Acrylic and other plastic ones can also be purchased in kits that included bases and risers to create the a perfect display, and things like lace, tulle, toppers and other decorations for easy wedding decorations.

Pedestal versions can come as one piece solid stands, but component systems of cake platforms or board and risers and bases make more sense for frequent cake makers, because they are so versatile. Component parts can cost as little as $2-$3 and you buy only what you need and can expand easily by ordering more.

Where to buy? Of course, check garage and rummage sales for real steals, and ask relatives who may no longer bake if they have unused ones you can borrow, buy or just take over. 

Another source is the online auction websites like eBay, where a search for "cake stand" like the one below is certain to uncover that perfect one at a bargain price!

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