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Article: Cake Mix Recipes

One of our family favorites came from a good friend who happens to be blind but found this easy to make. It’s a pecan peach cobbler like cake using a box of yellow cake mix, a huge can of sliced peaches, a stick of butter and a cup or two of chopped pecans. 

Originally this called for butter pecan cake mix but it became very hard to find and has a sort of weird artificial flavor many don’t like so we use yellow cake now. All you do is spread the cake mix in a 9x13 pan, dump on the peaches liquid and all, pour the melted butter over the whole thing and add the pecans on top. It bakes about 30 minutes at 350F and is a big hit at covered dishes. 

It’s similar to the popular "dump cake" made the same way with canned pie fillings or pineapple. You can make good cookies with cake mix as well.

Here is an unusual six-ingredient recipe for chewy date snack bars made with cake mix. This makes 24 bars and needs 35-40 minutes to bake. Men seem to especially love these. We’ve made these with white, yellow, "butter recipe" and even spice cake mixes. Adventurous people might even try chocolate.

Just in time for Halloween and Thanksgiving, here's a virtually fat-free pumpkin angel food cake recipe made with a box of angel food cake mix, pumpkin pie filling, spice and water. It takes 30 minutes at 350F and the serving suggestion is "a dollop of whipped cream." Since there’s no fat in the recipe and all of the terrific antioxidants in pumpkin, you can afford the whipped cream calories! 

Finally, what could be easier than a decadent triple chocolate mess cake made in your crock pot! You will use seven simple ingredients including a box of chocolate cake mix and after you dump it in the pot, do nothing for four or five hours until you scoop it out to serve it. Great for the family and really nice as a take-along for gatherings as dessert since it needs no tending. People will want to lick the pot. It’s great as it is but truly evil with homemade ice cream, or even the store kind.

We will be adding more cake mix recipes when our readers are kind enough to send them in.  If you have a special homemade cake that you would like to tell the world about you can do it here.       


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