Cake Fit For A Princess

by Ashley
(East Grand Forks, MN)

Cake Fit For A Princess

Cake Fit For A Princess

My daughter wanted a castle cake for her birthday. So I went online and looked up pictures and techniques for various homemade castle cakes. She turned 8 on this birthday.

I just used a couple of different sized rectangle pans. I used a large rectangle for the bottom, a medium rectangle for the middle and a loaf pan for the top (I cut the top part in half to make the two towers).

The entire cake was iced in pink and then portions of the corners were cut away to make space for the ice cream cone spires. I used the flat cones on the bottom and the pointed tip cones for the top and used icing to hold the two cones together.

I made little flags with paper and had my daughter decorate them. Then I taped the flags to toothpicks and stuck them in the top of the ice cream cones.

The details (doors, windows and writing) were done in white icing. Unfortunately the weather was very hot and humid so there was an issue with the icing being very gooey. I would refrigerate it frequently during the icing phase next time I try it.

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