Cake Decorating Techniques


There are several easy cake decorating techniques for the beginning cake decorator. 

Practice and Patience

Most require nothing more than inexpensive equipment and patience. As with anything else, the more you practice decorating with icing, the better and faster you will become. 

Butter Cream Icing

There are many types of icing that can be used on a cake including royal icing, butter cream and fondant. This article will discuss techniques for butter cream icing. Butter cream is a soft, thick and sweet icing. It is very versatile for decorating. 

The Basket Weave Pattern

An easy and beautiful cake decorating technique is the basket weave pattern. Be sure to have the correct tip for your icing bag before beginning. To start the basket weave you grasp the bag and tip and squeeze out a vertical line from top to bottom. 

Next you squeeze out the horizontal stripes across the vertical stripe, starting at the top. Try to keep the spacing between the stripes even. To continue the pattern, squeeze the second vertical stripe over the ends of the previous horizontal stripe. 

Repeat this pattern over the surface of the cake until it is finished. 

The Heart

Another neat technique is the heart. A heart is made in two steps. For the first step, pipe a single shell while decreasing pressure from top to bottom so it forms into a point. This makes the left half of the heart. 

To make the right half of the heart, pipe another shell right next to the first shell. Be sure to also decrease pressure from top to bottom and blend it into the current point. That’s it! 

You can pipe several hearts next to each other for a nice effect. With a little bit of practice and time you will be making lovely cakes for all occasions.

Cake decorating tip: Practice your patterns on wax paper before attempting them on a cake. 



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