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There are a few basic cake decorating supplies you probably already have on hand including cake pans. However, you may want to invest in ones with a shape such as an animal, a book or certain popular characters, especially if you plan to sell your creations. 

Piping Bag

An icing piping bag and tips is one of your more basic cake decorating supplies. Other more specialized tips to create various shapes to the piped icing can be added to your collection as you find a need. 

Decorating Comb

How about a decorating comb, used with a simple raking motion to create ridges on the sides or top of a cake.  

If you have a steady hand, this should be a breeze. 

Flower Nail

If you want to create flowers from icing, you’ll need a flower nail to pipe them onto the cake so they can dry to a firmer consistency allowing them to be added to the cake. 

You can create some gorgeous sugar flowers once you get the hang of it.  

Edible Markers

Edible markers are fun, especially if kids are participating in the decorating. 

The Wilton Edible FoodWriter Fine Tip Color Markers come in packs of five.

Garland Maker

If you like garlands on your cakes, you might want a garland maker which imprints garland guidelines on the cake for you to fill with icing. 

Air Brushing 

Air brushing is a technique especially useful to fill in large areas of a cake with color. 

It’s best to purchase a quality cake decorating air brush, especially if you may be selling some of your desserts. Fill in large background areas using stencils or other air brush techniques and even add outlines. 

Then using a paint brush or your piping bag and tips, add details to create a cake that is actually a work of art.





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