Cake Decorating Schools


Cake decorating schools allow you to learn to decorate professionally by undergoing a course, or a series of courses.

Learn Online

There are many classes listed on the Internet and a person can search and select one which suits his/her requirements.  Some schools have specialized classes if you are interested in a certain type of decoration. 

Although you can find different institutions on the Internet, be sure to check about their authenticity by going through some reviews or meeting some of the past students who have learned at these classes. 

Education Portal

Education Portal has a list of schools according to different areas and you can locate a school that is close to where you live. 

These schools provide professional and specialized courses on different aspects of cake decoration. 

You can select the subject according to your liking and aptitude. 

Wilton Cake Decorating Class

You can attend the “Wilton cake decorating class” which teaches you everything about cake decoration. 

The school is located about 25 miles southwest of downtown Chicago, in the Chestnut Court Shopping Center, in Darien, Illinois. 

Local Wilton Classes

You can find Wilton classes in your area by making a search with your zip code on their website. They will give you the information about different classes run by them in your community. 

All the courses are not run at every location and you need to find out the details about specific classes by contacting their representative at the local store.



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