Cake Decorating Pictures



There are lots of cake decorating pictures on the Web.  Here are a few ideas on how you can quickly find some helpful ones:

Google Web Search

The easiest way is to do a Google search.  A Web search yields over 3,000 websites containing pictures on this subject.   

Google Image Search

If you are simply interested in seeing lots of images and you are not much interested in the text, then a Google image search will yield a treasure trove of images that will help to give you ideas on how to decorate a cake of any kind.

A Google image search of the keyword phrase that is the title of this Web page brings up more than 400,000 results.  That is certainly enough to provide lots of ideas for a potential cake decorator.

YouTube Search

A YouTube search for the keyword phrase cake decorating videos recently yielded over 800 results.

Some of the videos contained lessons showing how to work with fondant, with marzipan, using piping bags, making gum paste sugar flowers and roses, and some were even about what the person learned in a Wilton cake decorating class.

By simply using the search functions on Google and YouTube, the aspiring cake decorator will have enough free learning material to keep busy for a long time!  



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