Cake Decorating Patterns



There are many cake decorating patterns available from which you can choose. Hopefully, you can find one you like and can make easily. 


The piping method of decoration has many designs like reverse shells, plain shells, flat stars, raised stars, rosettes, zig zag, ruffles etc. 

The Basket Weave

If you want to make a basket weave pattern on your cake, you can do so by getting the necessary things like a cake, piping bag and nozzle, and butter icing or royal icing ready. 

This pattern is generally found on the sides a cake but you can decorate the top of the cake if you wish. 

To make this pattern you should start with a basket weave nozzle. Make a vertical line on the cake. Next pipe a horizontal line across the vertical line. Leaving space of one line now make another horizontal line across the vertical one. 

Repeat this process till the other end. 

Now cover the edges of the horizontal lines with one vertical line. Make horizontal lines as described before on the new vertical line. 

Now cover the edges of the horizontal lines with a new vertical line. 

Repeat this process till the cake is covered with the design. 

Use A Fork

Another easy method of making this popular cake decorating pattern is with a fork. You can make this design by running a fork on a cake. 

You need to use thick chocolate on your cake. Make impressions with a fork vertically i.e., make rows of vertical lines leaving an equal sized empty space among the vertical lines. 

Make horizontal impressions with the fork among the vertical lines but not on the vertical lines. 

Make another row of horizontal lines, but it should be on the vertical lines. The empty space left among the vertical line should be filled with short vertical lines. 

Repeating this process all over the cake will give you the design you are looking for.  



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