Cake Decorating Flowers


Cake decorating flowers can be used to enhance the appearance of your cake. 

Artificial Flowers

You can use artificial flowers to decorate the cake. 

Cut out the extra stem and if you are using a bunch of flowers then you need to secure them with a wire and floral tape before using them. 

Real Flowers

You can use real flowers to decorate the cake. 

Various edible flowers for cake decorating are nasturtiums, daisies, violets, roses, lavender and calendulas. Some people prefer to use only the petals of these flowers instead of using the whole flower. You can use whatever suits you best. 


Cake Decorating Flowers

Sugar Flowers

Another option is to use sugar flowers for cake decorating. 

You can make them by using florist paste. 

Take a piece of cake wire and bend it into a hook at one end. Pass a pea sized florist paste which has been given an oval shape through the wire to the end with the hook. This makes the flower bud. 

Cut two single rose petals, dab a bit of alcohol and paste them to the bud. Make them overlap so that it looks real. Take a five petal cutter and cut two five petal roses. Shape the petals with your fingers, dab some alcohol in the center and on the petal tips. Pass this five petal rose through the center onto the wire and press the rose to the bud. Repeat the process with the other rose and give proper shape. 

Green Calics

You can make green calics with the aid of a calic cutter and white petal paste. 

Put green color to the paste, dab alcohol on it and pass it through the center of the wire and press it to the flower. You can make a bunch of such flowers and tape them with a florist tape. When making these flowers you can use a color of your choice to color the bud and petals. 

Go ahead and decorate your cake with these cake decorating flowers - your guests will be delighted. 




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