Cake Decorating Classes


Finding cake decorating classes is really pretty simple. 

Reasonable Prices

Almost any of your local craft stores offer them throughout the year, especially in the early spring (wedding season). The prices are fairly reasonable and they are always running some kind of special. I’ve seen them offered at up to as much as 50% off. Well worth it.

Supplies: Watch Out For How Much You Spend

The only problem is buying the supplies necessary to do everything. This can get really expensive if you plan to buy all of your supplies upfront (something I don’t recommend). Some Wilton teachers will let you use some of their supplies, and offer money saving ideas to help you keep your out of pocket costs to a minimum. But for those of you that like all the bells and whistles, prepare to wince at the credit card reader when you check out!

Personalize to Create Memorable Cakes 

By getting professional training you have the chance learn how to make a memorable and personalized treat for any occasion. You aren’t limited by simple round box-mixed cakes with plain chocolate or vanilla icing anymore. You can add flowers and patterns, colors and layers, characters and designs that you and you alone decide. 

Lasting Memories

Imagine the smiles at a birthday party when your son sees the "soccer" themed birthday treat you’ve made him. Or perhaps the tears in your daughter’s eyes as she cuts her professional looking wedding cake that you’ve designed just for her and her big day.

Wilton Classes

Head to to find local businesses that offer Wilton training. You won’t be disappointed!



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