Cake Decorating Business


The cake decorating business -- is it for you?

Do you have a flair for food and art? The drive and desire to make your own hours? 

If so, a cake decorating business may be for you. 

This is the type of business that can start small and stay small, or become huge! 


To start small, you will need a few basic things—for starters, some great cake recipes. While store bought cake mixes can be used for a small business venture, you may want to consider homemade recipes to make yourself stand out from the crowd. 

A recipe that is delicious and unique will help you garner a reputation that drums up more business. Feel free to experiment on friends and family to see which of your concoctions are most popular, and use that information to create a Cake Menu for customers. 

Pans & Tools

Of course, if you are baking cakes, you will need pans of different sizes and shapes, a mixer, and decorating tools. 

Your local kitchen supply store or gourmet bake store should be able to supply you with everything you need for cake decorating; make sure you pick up a plastic spatula for icing the cake, as well as frosting tubes with a different variety of tips that will help you create fantastic designs. 

Don’t forget to visit a local dollar store—plastic cake plates can often be picked up here for a steal! 

Delivering professional creations in a homey and affordable cake server can become a great signature for your business! 


As mentioned, you should try some recipes out on friends and family. 

Don’t waste those cakes! Decorate them as if they were going out to your customers, and then take pictures of them so you can have a portfolio of designs to go alongside your Cake Menu. 


Once you’ve established what you will be selling, you need to establish pricing. 

Consider your time, materials, the quality of your work, as well as incidentals (oven time) to figure out how much baking the cake has cost you and how much you should charge. 

Prices should go alongside cakes and decorations so your customers know what to expect. 

Get The Word Out

Now, get the word out! Start informing friends and family that you have decided to start a cake decorating business. 

You can even show your products on a website! Websites should include an email address that you check regularly so that you can return inquiries, as well as a phone number where you can be reached for orders. 

Be sure not to take more orders than you can bake and deliver! 

Are your cakes becoming popular? The future is yours! 

Decide if you want the business to stay small, or if you want to turn this into a massive venture! 

Based on how your business goes, you may want to apply for a vending license and open up a shop!



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