Cake Decorating Air Brush


Are you ready for a cake decorating air brush?

Cake decoration is an art that can be perfected by practice. You need to spend time and energy to be proficient at it. 

There are different techniques of cake decoration and a person wishing to learn it must select the pattern which he/she wishes to learn. 


Professional cake decorators use advanced and high quality equipment to help them with their work. 

One such piece of equipment is the cake decorating air brush which makes the job of decoration very easy and fast. 

If you are an expert at using one then you can seriously think about starting up a cake decoration business. 

Cakes are always in high demand and if you start this business you are sure to succeed. 

Airmaster Airbus Compressor System

The Kopykake Airmaster Airbus Compressor System has been specially designed for demanding cake decorators. 

This system is used by cake decorators who have high volume of orders and also at in-store bakeries. This system is simple to use and gives very good results where the user can select a desired airflow with a slight twist of the knob. 

This product can handle light as well as heavy materials and allows the artistic baker to use it at low pressure for delicate work and at high pressure for overall spray pattern. 

Kroma Jet System

Another product which helps in cake decoration is the Kopykake Kroma Jet System which is perfect for professional cake decorators. 

This system includes a jet air compressor, a small single action airbrush with barbed hose fitting and six foot silicon air hose. 

This system is simple and easy to use with constant airflow, and the flow of material can be adjusted by moving the airbrush trigger. 

A cake decorator can easily and quickly finish large orders if he/she uses some of the equipment stated above.



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