Cactus Cake!

by Nicole M.
(Wisconsin, USA)

The first one!

The first one!

The first one!
The second one!

So my Grandma Linda, Uncle Bill and Aunt Joanie went out to supper one night (and being the gentleman that he is, Uncle Bill let the ladies walk in the door while he parked the car). So when he got in the restaurant, he started waving at who he thought was Grandma and Aunt Joanie...only to find out that it wasn't them, but rather a pair of fake cacti that the restaurant had for decoration!

So to tease him, I came up with the idea to make a cactus cake for our next family get together.

I started off with using the Wilton Pan (the one used for making basketball cakes, baseball cakes, etc.) and made a vanilla cake and a marble cake.

While they were cooling I got the "planters" ready for the cake to be set upon it. I found them at Walmart for like two bucks a piece (gotta love clearance!) and made sure to wash them beforehand.

For "dirt" I simply took plain coconut and used food dye to make it a brownish color. I found using a fork to sort of separate the coconut was the easiest!

Now came the hard part. For icing, I did use Royal Icing since it was stiffer. After dyeing it what I thought was an appropriate cacti color, I used a medium sized Star Tip to go around and around the cake.

My tips for this would be to not squeeze it too hard or too much will come out of the bag and once and make it look sloppy. My other tip would to sort of "layer" the stars on the cake. So instead of this "------" where they are all like ducks in a row, instead do something like "-_-_-_-_". Doing it the first way leaves gaps where the icing won't cover!

Finally, the coup de grace. This was a flash of inspiration that came at the last second. To make a real looking cactus cake, it had to have "needles" right? Angel hair spaghetti, broken into smaller strands made this cake PERFECT!

Editor's Note: Thanks for sharing, Nicole. These cakes are awesome and our readers will enjoy seeing them and reading your comments!

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