Caboose Cake

by Gloria

This was inspired by a five year old who loved anything and everything to do with trains. His favorite toy: an electric train set.

Several 12x9" rectanglar cake pans were used. It was essentially a white layer cake with white icing. There were five layers, top to bottom: cupola, roof, upper cabin, lower cabin, undercarriage. The undercarriage layer was iced dark chocolate on the outside to represent the shadowed space under the car. The cabin layers were shorter at each end creating the porches.

Cookies served as wheels. Candy canes formed the posts at the ends and served to hold up the overhanging roof layer. Tip: don't make the overhang as long as in a real caboose and use the curved part of the candy cane as extra support burying it in the underside of the roof layer. Also helps to have horizontal candy cane pins hidden in the roof layer.

Windows were represented with miniture Hershey bars embedded in the icing with the flat side out.

Unfortunately no pictures survived.

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