C3PO Cake Pan

"Threepio appeared in all
the Star Wars feature films!"


Have you been hunting for a C3PO cake pan?

The protocol droid, who was portrayed by the same actor (Anthony Daniels) in all six parts of the Saga, is usually seen with his counterpart, R2-D2.   

Cake pans depicting Threepio are rare, but you can sometimes find a vintage Wilton pan among the eBay auctions, however.

You might have to bid high, but if you use eBay to get this item you will:

  • Save time because you can shop online.
  • Save gas money versus running around to garage sales and stores.
  • Be able to sell the item back on eBay after the party. 

With the popularity of all things Star Wars, you should be able to get a good price if you do sell it back.    

Check out the auctions below and make a bid. (If you are a first time user of eBay, the registration process is both easy and free).        

If you are looking for another Star Wars character, type in its name in the search eBay box above. 

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