Budget Wedding Cake

by Florence
(Tempe, AZ)

My sister was getting married and was on a very tight budget. To help her and her husband I decided to bake the wedding cake for them. I thought of different ideas, and went to the local store for ideas of cakes. I decided to make them a 3 layer wedding cake, with white frosting. I topped the cake with the traditional married man and woman statue, and placed leaves and colorful designs on the sides of the cake with frosting.

It turned out beautiful! My sister's friends were commenting that it was as good as any catered cake they have ever seen. I got the recipe from my grandmother, and got the pans from a Super Wal Mart.

The recipe called for eggs, dry dream whip, cold water, and a teaspoon of vanilla flavoring. I also added chopped up vanilla beans for extra flavor. I mixed 1 box of cake mix with 4 egg whites, the vanilla, and 1 box of dream whip along with the cold water. After completely mixing the items, I poured them into the pans and cooked about 50 minutes at 350 degrees. I let them cool and frosted.

It was great!

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