Bridal Shower Cake Ideas

Are you looking for some bridal shower cake ideas?

You might want to start by asking yourself a few questions:

Formal or Informal

Is the cake going to be formal, or will the bride-to-be like something that's more informal and fun?

On the formal side, we have seen pictures of cakes shaped like a gift box with ribbons on top. Many of them incorporated pastel colors, especially pinks. Some of the formal cakes were round, and decorated with pastel polka dots in fondant. 

What to Write

There are a lot of people wondering what to write on a bridal shower cake. Some people opt for a simple, "Congratulations." There are lots of popular short phrases including things like, "Shower of Good Wishes," "Happy Hearts Forever," and "God Bless Your Marriage."

For the Fun-Loving Bride

For the more adventurous and fun-loving bride-to-be there are also examples of funny cakes all over the Internet. We saw some cute lingerie-shaped cakes. There were also some his-and-her heart-shaped cakes. There were some in the shapes of hats, as well as purses. There were some multi-tiered bridal shower cakes that had beautiful flowers placed on them.

Icing Color

The most common icing color was white. But the accent colors ran through the full color spectrum. 

Figure out the type of cake your bride would like. Then have fun, let your imagination run wild and create a bridal shower cake she will remember for all her life!

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