Boba Fett Cake Pan

"Figures of him are very
popular among Star Wars toys"


Searching for a Boba Fett cake pan?

This popular character is the clone of Jango Fett.   

Old cake pans depicting Boba Fett are sometimes available on the live eBay auctions that appear further down on this page.

You might have to bid high to get one, but there is a chance that it will go up in value if you keep it for a while.

If you are just going to use it once, to make a unique birthday cake for that big Star Wars fan in your family, you can probably re-sell it on eBay and get most, or all, of your money back.

If the one you want is not there now, bookmark this page by pressing Control + D so you can come back and check any time you want

If you are a first-time user of the popular auction site, you can register and bid for free.  

If you see the one you want, go on and make a bid.  You might get lucky!  

If you're trying to find other Star Wars memorabilia, just type in the name into the eBay search box above. 

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