Bob The Builder Cake Pan

"The popular character was
 created by Keith Chapman"


Need a Bob the Builder cake pan to construct the perfect centerpiece for your youngster's birthday?

Our research indicates that there are usually some up for auction on eBay.

By picking one up from eBay, you will make your life easier because:

  • You will save time (where else can you get a specialty character cake pan in minutes?)
  • Besides being convenient and saving time, you will also save gas money since there is no traveling around to find one.  
  • If you are never going to use it again you can sell it to someone else on eBay after the party and get back what you paid for it if you have a decent listing.

Happy bidding! (If you have never used eBay, it's super simple! Click on an auction and you can register for free in just a couple of minutes).  


If you are looking for any other type of pan (or any item at all for that matter), just type in the name in the eBay search box above.     

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