Blueberry Buckle


Blueberry Buckle is my favorite cake to make for two reasons, its great taste and its great name. 

The exact history is shrouded in mystery, but it is an old American cake. The fruit that goes into them are native to North America, so this delight was made first in the Americas. Native Americans used the fruit for drinks, dried meats, and soups, but not desserts, so the first one was not baked until Colonial times at the earliest. 

It is very easy to make. Sugar, shortening, and eggs are creamed in one bowl. The dry ingredients are mixed separately and then added to the sugar mixture alternating with milk. The fruit is added last. I usually just mix in the dry ingredients in the sugar mixture directly without dirtying another bowl and have not had problems. A sugar/cinnamon mix is sprinkled over the top and the pan goes into the oven. 

The best time to make it is in mid to late summer when the fruit is at its ripest. 

Recipe For Blueberry Buckle

Here's a recipe that has 12 ingredients and the baking time is 25-30 minutes. 

This one has 12 ingredients and takes 60 minutes in the oven.



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