Black Forest Cake


The Black Forest Cake (or Gateau) is a German and Austrian traditional recipe first mentioned in writing in 1934, although it is much older.

Black Forest Cake

Basically it is a layered chocolate cake covered in whip cream and ornate with cherries (and sometimes chocolate shavings).

A variety of cherries can be used to make the cake, including maraschino and sour cherries. Although in the US this is typically a non-alcoholic dessert, the classic recipe involves Kirschwasser (cherry liqueur), or other liquors (for example, in Austria rum is typically used). 

This is a 19-ingredient recipe, with Kirschwasser. Prep time is 2 hours and 10 minutes.

Here's a faster, simpler recipe, with only 7 ingredients (ready-made cake mix can be used). Prep time is estimated at 45-60 minutes.



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