Birthday Rich And Sweet

by Susan
(Roseboro, NC)

What inspired me to make this cake was I wanted to try something different for my nephew on his 11th birthday. I wanted him to feel special and taste a cake he's never had before.

My nephew turned 11 the year I made this cake for him. All I used was a regular 13x9 inch pan glass I found was best cuz it browns better.

I beat the eggs so they were fluffy, and I used 4 eggs instead of 3 like the directions said. I added just a lil milk to it to make it moister and added one pack of chocolate pudding to the cake mix also to make it moist.

It was a chocolate hershey batter with chocolate instant pudding mixed, with buttercream icing, blue crystal sprinkles. I do not have a picture of it sorry for that but if you follow the regular directions on a box of cake mix and then add the pudding, and 1 extra egg, then this cake will be perfect.

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