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Birthday Cake Pans: 

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Kids Cakes:

1st Birthday Cake: Ideas for your child's first birthday cake. 

More First Birthday Cake Ideas: This page has a good picture of a cupcake birthday cake.    

Baseball Cake: Laura sent in this lovely creation for her son Hunter's 4th birthday. 

Beach Birthday Cake: We thank Shiri, from Cincinnati, Ohio, for sending in this beautiful cake she made for her son's first birthday. 

Crazy Bug Cake: This great idea for a 13-year-old girl's birthday cake comes out of Utah.

Cute And Easy Teapot Cake: Rochelle in Maryland did a great job on this cake for her daughter who was turning six.  Judging from the picture, the cake must have been quite popular among the celebrants.   

Dora The Explorer Cake: Here are some helpful tips on how to make a Dora The Explorer cake, including where to get the pan cheap.  

Emotive Food: Allyson creates a special cake for her son's seventh birthday.  He wants one just like it for his eighth birthday. 

Farm Cake: Mandy makes an interesting cake for her two-year-old son in Texas.   

Family Cakes For Every Birthday: Dave, in Dallas, shares a great family tradition where each member helps to decorate every birthday cake.

Jack O Lantern For Johnny: Deby's sister-in-law was about to give birth to Johnny's little sister, so she made this cake for her nephew's sixth birthday.  It made such an impression that her sister-in-law and Johnny still talk about it today.  He's 28 years old now!  

Jet Airplane Cake: This fabulous creation took several days and many hours to make by Karen, from Pittsburgh, PA. Take a look at it and you will see that it was well worth the time!   

Lego Cake Lindsey, from Oregon, made this for her five-year-old son's birthday.  All the other  moms wanted to make it as well.  

Mickey Mouse Cake: Disneyworld inspired Kathy from Kentucky to make this cake for her son's second birthday.  

Pineapple Upside Down Cake: Sheila makes it sound pretty easy to create!

Pink Barbie Birthday Cake: Was sent in by Camille, from Georgia. She did a great job and provides helpful tips for you.



R2D2 Cake: An R2D2 cake for an eight year old boy who loves Star Wars.

Saffron Cake: This touching story tells how and why Amarjeeth, in Bangalore, India, made a saffron cake for her niece's fourth birthday.

Snake Cake: Julie made this snake cake for her daughter, who turned nine. The birthday girl loved it!    

Star Flower Cake: Shannon, in Michigan., made a star flower cake for her daughter's fourth birthday.  She goes into great detail about the making of the cake.

The Strawberry Kid's Birthday: Pat, from Houston, first made this cake when her daughter turned four.  The cake was so popular that it was made as a My Pretty Pony cake the next year and reappeared for several years running, with different toppings.     

Time Capsule Birthday Cake: Rebecca, from Virginia, had a great idea for her son's first birthday.  She had the guests bring in letters and pictures and other remembrances for her son to open on his 18th birthday.   

The slide show below comes from contributions sent in by visitors to this page.



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Be sure to check out these tips and ideas for making awesome birthday cakes.

Here are some birthday cake ideas, along with cake decorating tips, recipes, and pictures to help you out.

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