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Picking a clever birthday cake theme really means knowing something special about the person having the birthday. When you know something about their likes and dislikes, favorite sports or leisure activities or even some quirk they have, it can be worked into a cake theme. 

With children, it may be some popular character or some person they admire, or a favorite animal, pet or toy. Sometimes you can poke a little fun at the birthday person with a cake. 

For example, someone I know has a sister who has a mild case of arachnophobia, ever since finding a huge spider in her shoe as a schoolgirl. She screamed so loud the family dog ran away, and the whole family has teased her with spiders ever since then.

For her 40th birthday, they couldn’t resist, and she made her sister a cake covered in icing spider webs and some from spun sugar, and every gummy spider and rubber spider they could find. (There was even one hidden inside the piece the sister got). This would be awful for someone who really gets upset by spiders, but she just doesn’t like them and is used to her family’s antics. 

Another great idea is a fish theme birthday cake, especially for a person who loves to fish but isn’t very good at it. The little characters on the icing lake can have empty crawls that are pulling out empty lines. It can have diary pages showing the dates of previous birthdays with the number of fishing trips each year and the number of fish caught. The birthday boy's piece can have a marzipan fish on it so he can be assured of getting at least one that year. 

My own mother for some reason really didn’t like yellow roses, maybe because she’d lived in Texas and heard that song too many times. Just to irk her, one year Mom’s best friend made a huge and delicious cake and covered it in yellow roses, crammed as close as possible. Every napkin, plate and party item had yellow roses as well and she was presented with a yellow rose corsage. 

Sometimes it’s really simple and obvious, like my older daughter’s very first birthday cake that she can remember at age two. Her favorite thing was Sesame Street and everybody had Big Bird pans for sale. It took forever to pipe all of those feathers on that thing, but the look on her face was certainly worth it. The only problem was that she was a little sad to cut Big Bird up and then eat him; until she found out he was chocolate! 

Almost anything can work as long as it relates to the person who is being honored. If it is humorous, you do need to be careful not to really upset someone or hurt their feelings, but most people do like a little joke. 

You can also get sentimental, since with modern technology, even a cherished family picture can be turned into an edible ink picture to put right on your cake. A really nice cake for a grandparent would be a collage of pictures of their children and “grands.”

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