Five Great Birthday Cake Ideas


Article: Five Great Birthday Cake Ideas

It’s almost that time of year again: time for little Zach or Madison's birthday, and for all the attendant worries and hassles. Time for the usual whining and gift-grubbing, for tedious visits from relatives, and for sugar-amped kids running rampant through the house. Although birthdays will always be a stressful time of year, baking and decorating the perfect children’s birthday cake doesn't have to be. This article will help give you some great birthday cake ideas that you can use year after year, child after child.

1. Character Cakes: If your little one is obsessed with a film, television, or cartoon character, or even a licensed doll or toy, a character cake is the no-fail way to go! Disney character cakes or Barbie cakes are always popular with the girls, and what little boy wouldn't enjoy a Bob the Builder or Harry Potter or G.I. Joe cake? Fortunately, finding the perfect kids birthday cake mold is easy -- you can obtain a specialized cake mold for the most popular licensed characters at your local upscale baking store or cake decorating supply shop. As if it couldn't get any easier, many specialty children’s birthday cake molds come complete with frosting instructions.

2. Sports Cakes: Your active girl or boy will jump for a sports themed cake. Some easy sports birthday cake ideas are decorating round cakes to resemble baseballs, soccer balls, or basketballs. Sporty girls and boys will also love a cake that resembles their favorite sports field, which is easy to make with a rectangular sheet cake. You can even add a net, goal, or hoop, as well as plastic figurines resembling spectators and sports players!

3. Animal Cakes: The younger set will especially enjoy a cake decorated to resemble their favorite animal. Kittens, puppies, pandas, and teddy bears are classic favorites. An easy way to decorate an animal-themed children's birthday cake is to use two round layers. Use the first round cake as the animal's head, and cut the second round cake to make ears and other features.

4. Photo Cakes: Run out of birthday cake ideas? Making a cake with a translucent, sugar "photo" is easy, and enjoyable by birthday boys and girls of all ages. Just take a favorite photo to your local cake decorating store, and they can prepare an edible version of it for a few dollars. Follow the instructions provided, and you can add it to the top of a simple, iced cake. Voila! Instant birthday gratification!

5. Decorate-your-own Cake: Moms who hate decorating kids birthday cakes will love this suggestion -- provide the basic ingredients (cupcakes, frosting, piping bags, spreading knives, small candies, etc.) and let the birthday boy or girl and his/her guests decorate their own cupcakes! Just lay down a plastic tablecloth and provide plastic aprons for each guest to minimize the mess!



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