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Looking For Some Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids? 

One of the most exciting days in a child’s life is their birthday, and one part of the anticipation in addition to the prospect of presents is the birthday cake. For some children, it may even be the most important part of the day. A birthday cake, whether homemade or purchased, shows that someone really cares, and the more personal the theme of the cake, the more special it is to the child. Know the child and their likes and dislikes, fantasies and dreams, and you are more likely to make a cake that they love. 

Birthday Cake With Balloons

When brainstorming for birthday cake ideas for kids it quickly becomes obvious that kid's birthday cakes fall into a few main categories. One is the simple and rather plain cake, decorated with candles and the traditional “Happy Birthday Mary” text. For these cakes, the flavor of the cake becomes central to its success. Some may choose a simple cake out of cost or lack of decorating skills, but some older children may want a more sophisticated and complex cake. 

A popular type of birthday cake is one with an animal theme. A cake in the shape of a favorite animal of pet is usually a big hit, and making this yourself can be fairly easy. Culinary suppliers often have pans in the shape of a number of animals which simplifies forming the cat or buffalo or horse. “Fur” is not hard for even a beginning decorator, since a simple writing tip can be used to make thin strings layered to look like fur. More ambitious cakes can be carved to look like three dimensional animals, or can be ordered from a custom cake bakery. For larger parties or a more festive table, several small animal faces can be made and the party can have a zoo theme. 

Superheroes are one of the most popular birthday cake ideas for kids, so the child in love with Spiderman may be delighted with finding Spidey on the birthday table. Fortunately, the most popular icons generate sales of cake pans in the proper shape and even decorating kits with all you need to reproduce the desired hero. Bakeries are also usually prepared to make popular superheroes on little notice. Other movie and television characters may also be popular cakes of this type of “cartoon” theme. Children do change favorites pretty easily, so be careful to assure the favorite character is still their favorite. 

Sports and hobbies are also good choices when searching for birthday cake ideas for kids and for many adults as well. A simple round cake becomes a baseball or basketball very easily with a few lines and some color added. A basketball jersey with the child’s number if they are on a team or a favorite sport star’s number is easy to manage with just a little trimming on a rectangular sheet cake. A rectangular cake can also be decorated as a football or soccer field, or a basketball court, with plastic goals purchased from a party supply store. A square cake at an angle becomes a baseball diamond. A more ambitious cake might be shaped like a catcher’s mitt or a football helmet. A very simple way to use the theme would be a team name and a cheer spelled out on an array of individual cupcakes. 

Favorite board games also make nice birthday cakes, and some are easily done as cupcakes as well as a traditional single cake. A Scrabble board created in cupcakes is fun and simple. For a young child, a Candy Land cake with real candies would be a big hit as well. A Monopoly board could have small toys for some of the pictures, such as a tiny LED light for the electric company, or a small train car for the railroad spaces, as decorations and party favors. 

Natural themes, like flowers or other natural items, may also be charming birthday cakes ideas for kids. A smiling sun is attractive and fairly simple to create, as are simple flowers such as daisies. An older girl might be delighted in a cake decorated with real fresh flowers. For an adventurer, a cake shaped like a mountain would delight, and a volcano cake might be even better. A commercial cake decorated with an edible copy of a favorite photo of a popular vacation site is also attractive and very personal. 

Whatever your budgets or skills, base the cake on what a child really likes, both type of cake and kind of decoration. A few months before the birthday, sit down with the child and have them give you several ideas for a dream birthday cake. The one you choose will still be a surprise when the birthday comes, and you may be able to come up with clever birthday cake ideas for kids that never would have occurred to you. 

One thing to avoid would be anything that would upset or embarrass a child. Humor and joking are fine, but a birthday is too big a deal for a small child to risk ruining it for a little teasing. Make a birthday cake as positive an experience as possible. If your child wants an undecorated pineapple upside down cake, by all means make that and add a few candles! 

Remember above all else that the birthday cake ideas for kids should be all about the child first and making their special day wonderful for them!

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