Birthday Cake For Two Year Old Boy

by Susan Baldrey
(Bangalore, Karnataka, India.)

Birthday Cake For Two Year Old Boy

Birthday Cake For Two Year Old Boy

The inspiration of making George's birthday cake was real fun and it brought the family together. Actually we had gone to all the cake shops to buy one but every one said that we had to order it a day ahead of time. We were wondering what to do when my aunty offered to bake the cake. She said why not, when we have all it takes to make one. We have the micro oven, the cake tin, etc.

George was going to be two years, so we wanted to have fun doing it for him and for every one around us. When we bought the micro oven they had gifted us with some items and that included the cake mold also, a rectuangular one. We wanted to make a black forest cake with a picture of the movie Jungle Book to be placed on top.

Two of us took charge to mix the sugar and butter and eggs and brought it to a smooth paste, the we added the self raising flour and mixed it, then we added the flavours and made the batter smooth, then we took the cake mould, placed the butter paper and out it to size, then poured the cake batter into it, then put it into the micro oven, set the times and left it to bake, checking on it from time to time.

After it was done, we imprinted the picture onto the cake from the computer print out. Then we had the squeeze tubes of fresh cream of blue and we decorated the edges to give it a beautiful look, and it really turned out well, maybe not so good like the shops but good enough for us to feel proud of our cake labour.

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