Birthday Cake Decorating


Birthday cake decorating is not really difficult. No, you aren’t going to necessarily make something that would resemble a $1,000 wedding cake, but you can make one that the birthday recipient will enjoy and always remember.

Of course, any time you bake one for someone, it will be appreciated, but if you can create one that is truly individualized for that person, the big day will be much more memorable.

Chocolate or White?

The first thing to think about: chocolate or white? Actually, also consider possible allergies that guests may have when you are deciding what kind of cake to make. Some people make a large one that includes two flavors, to best meet the tastes of everybody.


There are two main ways to create a special birthday cake. One is to create a shape that is associated with the birthday boy or girl—such as a violin for a violinist. The other is to decorate a cake that has a standard square or round shape.

Shaped cakes can be easily created by taking advantage of the two basic pan shapes: rectangular sheet and round. For example, a stringed instrument could be made from two round pans as the body and pieces from a sheet pan for the neck and head stock. No one expects the creation to be a perfect representation of something, so you can get away with basic geometrical shapes and your efforts will be praised.

Special Decorations

After you create the unique shape, you can then think about clever ways to decorate it to add to the effect. For example, if it is in the shape of an automobile or truck, you could use donuts as tires.

The Candle Joke

When you decorate one in a standard shape, you should decide if you are going to play the candle joke—either by putting the full number candles on for a person above thirty years old or by using the candles that don’t blow out, which are more effective for younger people because they don’t burn down to the icing while the birthday boy is trying to take out fifty-six candles. Don’t put a lot of fancy decoration into that kind of cake because the candles are the chief elements.

The novelty candles below adorn a simple white cake we purchased at a local grocery to create a dramatic effect:

White Cake With 16 Candles



There are lots of nice birthday cake decorating supplies available, depending on how much artistic talent you believe you have. If you are the artistic type, you can use a pastry bag and various tips to create flowers or edgings or even a calligraphic version of "Happy Birthday." If you are not so artistically inclined, you can press candies into the frosting—particularly if the birthday girl is fond of a certain type of candy. Or you can use multi-colored sprinkles on a confetti-type cake, which would look festive.

If you are still not sure how to decorate, there are many birthday cake decorating tips online. Also, looking at the numerous supplies that are available may stir the creative juices in your mind. The main thing is that any kind of cake communicates your appreciation for another person. If you are able to decorate it in a special way, that is even better.



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