Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas


Looking for some birthday cake decorating ideas? 

Birthday cakes are becoming the center of attention at parties for children and adults alike. It can be hard to develop an original, creative idea on your own, but with these ideas, you should be able to come up with a masterpiece that steals the show. 

Themes For Children

For a child’s birthday, consider the theme of the party, and create a cake that matches. 

For instance, if your daughter is a lover of princesses, sculpt a castle by layering four or five sheets and adding ice cream cones around the corners for towers. 

Princess Castle Cake

Princess Castle Cake


For a child who loves fire trucks, use different sized cake pieces to create an edible replica of a red fire engine. 

Themes For Teenagers

Your teenage son or daughter has probably outgrown his or her childhood favorites.  

In this case, you can go with something simple like the white cake with novelty candles shown below for a 16th birthday:

White Cake With Colored Candles

White Cake With Colored Candles

Themes For Adults

For adults, design a cake that matches their personality. If they’re the family comedian, think of a funny birthday cake that can include their most infamous joke iced on the top. 

For the fashionista in your circle of friends, create a designer dress out of a dome-shaped cake and icing, and place a plastic doll in the center. 

Barbie Cake

Barbie Cake

To come up with your own birthday cake decorating ideas, think along the lines of what the party prince or princess loves best, what the theme of the party is, or even their line of work. 

Using household objects, you can create a masterpiece so perfect, nobody will want to take a bite! 

Remember that the best ideas come from the heart, so don’t rush the process, and create something meaningful to get the best results.




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