Big Bird Cake Pan

"This popular Muppet
made his debut in 1969!"


Looking for a Big Bird cake pan?

The 8-foot 2-inch yellow canary who can skate, dance and sing, has long been a favorite of the little ones.

You can delight your son or daughter by having a Big Bird birthday party.    

You can start by grabbing one of his cake pans on eBay.

Why eBay?

  • Because shopping online saves time for you.
  • It also saves gas money, because you can keep from going to your local store.
  • You can sell the item on eBay to someone else once the birthday party has passed.

It's really is a simple decision! 

You can save time, save gas money, and get your money back.  

Place a bid right now and see if you get lucky! (If this is your first time using eBay it is really easy. You can register for free in a couple of minutes).  


Tip: If you are having a Sesame Street party you can type in the name of the items you want in the eBay search box above or check right below:  


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