Bees And Flowers Cake

by Abbey F.
(Columbus, Ohio)

Bees And Flowers Cake

Bees And Flowers Cake

This birthday cake was made for my one year old daughter's birthday. The inspiration for the cake was that this is how her bedroom is decorated so I just took those ideas and put them onto a cake.

For this cake, I used a bigger size double cake pan for the bee and a regular 9x13 for the flowers. I drew a picture of both the bee and the flowers and then laid the paper on the cake and cut out the shapes with a sharp knife.

For decorating this type of cut out cake, the cake must be cooled completely and the frosting must have had the proper time to get to room temperature. The frosting is a butter frosting that comes from a banana cake recipe. I frosted the cake and then used colored sugar to decorate the top as well as gumdrops, junior mints and kitkat bars. You could use any kind of candy that you want like licorice, but I'm not a big fan of that so I used something that I would want to eat the rest of.

I made the cake the night before and laid foil on top of the cake. I put toothpicks in the cake so the foil would not touch the cake and the icing.

Editor's Note: That's absolutely adorable, Abbey. Thank you for sharing the picture and the helpful tips with our readers.

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