Bear Cake

by Sarah

Bear Cake

Bear Cake

For my daughter's third birthday, she decided that she wanted a Goldilocks party. Since I'm not terribly fond of TV/Movie character parties, I was thrilled. I decided that making a bear cake would be easiest.

I used the yellow cake recipe from the Joy of Cooking (using whole wheat pastry flour) for the cake. I then baked the cake in a regular 8" round cake pan for the head and made the rest of the batter into cupcakes, which I used for the ears and nose after trimming them to fit the cake.

To decorate the cake, I made buttercream frosting and mixed cocoa powder into the bulk of it. The rest of the frosting was colored pink and white. I outlined the eyes, the mouth and inside of the ears and filled them with the white and pink frosting (white for eyes, pink for ears and mouth). Using a star decorating tip, I covered the rest of the cake with the brown frosting stars.

My daughter loved it!

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