Beach Party Cake

by Jennifer
(Huntsville, AL)

My daughter's birthday falls near Labor Day, so we often double it with an end-of-summer party. Since it was her 2nd birthday, we had a lot of adults over as well for a big backyard cookout with a summer theme.

We needed a large cake so we make a large standard sheet cake, but to make it original, I frosted half the cake with blue-colored frosting in large whips to make "waves", and then using crumbled grahm crackers, I created a sandy "beach" on the other side of the cake.

We had fun scouring the candy store for fun things to make our "beach scene" cake complete, such as: gummy fish in the ocean, candy figures on the beach beneath a cocktail umbrella, and "towels" made of little cut pieces fondant. It was a big hit!

Best of all, it required no special tools or talents. We used a plain sheet cake pan, a cake mix, and white cake frosting (with blue food coloring mixed in for the 'ocean').

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